How Weekpay Pty LTD Works

Introduction to Weekpay

Weekpay Pty is a registered investment system with France Government and operates nearly all parts of the world remotely. Weekpay pty is located at 10060 Jasper Avenue, Tower 1, Suite 2020 Edmonton, AB. T5J 3R8-France.
The Scheme is termed "Trader's First Oriented System" with continuouse improvement in accordance to traders’ needs and the latest industry trends.

Weekpay Pty looks to make a profit by betting that a currency's value will either appreciate or depreciate against another currency with tested and working tools.


Those looking for how to Invest online with their hard-earned money to generate profits.
Those that have any device that can surf the internet. Those that have a skill/plan/business idea but, no capital fund.
Finally, those who intend to resume physical investment as soon they get the target capital.
If you do not fall into the above categories, Weekpay Pty advices you to navigate out of this website.


When you secure an investment pack, your procured investment will be traded on your behalf on Indices, Forex, Commodities, Shares, Options, Stock and Crypto-Minning. Weekpay is a Mobile Platform Reliable, Simple and Innovative. We accept BTC crypto-currency and other means of deposits.
You can make a withdrawal or sell off your investment any time after ten (10) business days of your investment excluding Sundays. You can sell or withdraw the capital or interest or both
Join weekpay and get 5% - 10& daily profits of your capital in 10 business days. Be rest assured our FOREX expert do the trade and our investors are given the chance to earn big.


    Sign up for a free weekpay account
  1. Buy Weekpay Express Card or Weekpay Card from your supervisor, upline or a verified vendor
  2. Acivate the WeekPay Card or Check your express card option for the purchased express card
  3. After 10 Days Sell off your investment or make a withdrawal and Get Paid with tight spreads, Fast and reliable order execution

Requirements to get Started NOTE

  1. You need the following to get started: Internet-enabled device (smartphone), Bank Account Number or a Bitcoin Wallet address, valid email ID and a phone number.
  2. 5,000 NGN the minimum & 1,000,000 NGN Maximum Amount per pack with Guaranteed Profits